New Fighting Game Lets You Beat the Shit Out of Hitler

History Warriors (1)

Have you ever wanted to give Adolf Hitler the battering he deserves? By the end of this month you’ll be able to.

Although, as much as beating seven shades of crap out of old Adolf sounds appealing, after watching the trailer for the upcoming History Warriors you might not be quite as raring to go as you once was.

Set for release on 26th September for PC and Mac, History Warriors allows you to take control of a number of historical figures and pit them against each other for little more than your own amusement. William Shakespeare, Mozart, Napoleon Bonaparte, Abraham Lincoln, Cleopatra, Shaka Zulu and Che Guevara are all available, although our money is on Joan of Arc, who is the only true warrior among the lineup. And of course, there’s also Adolf Hitler, who we imagine is the game’s boss.

Reading about History Warriors, we were a little giddy about playing it. After all, it sounds a bit like Fight of the Gods only without the gods and with real people instead. Fight of the Gods isn’t great, but it’s that ridiculous that you just don’t care. Judging by its trailer, however, History Warriors just looks downright awful. Though who knows, maybe it plays quite well. We’ll let you make your own minds up after watching the trailer below.

Unsurprisingly, History Warriors will not be releasing in Germany. That means that German gamers will miss out on the game’s story mode, in which the eight fighters compete to return to their own time period after being manhandled through time by Hitler. The bastard. A tournament mode for up to eight players is also set to feature, as well as a “One Punch Mode” that is exactly as it sounds: one punch is all it takes to win a match.

Still interested in playing History Warriors? You can add it to your Steam wishlist right now.