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Borderlands 3 3 (1)

Our First Few Hours With Borderlands 3 Have Been Underwhelming

So, Borderlands 3 is finally available. And like many of you, we couldn’t wait to play it.

We bought the Super Deluxe Edition and excitedly downloaded it to our Xbox One Xs. Then, we changed our location to New Zealand because we love playing things a bit early. Though after putting a few hours into it, we’re a little disappointed to be honest. It looks like Borderlands, sounds like Borderlands and plays like Borderlands; a few years ago we thought that’s what we wanted. But now we’re actually able to play it, it’s a little underwhelming.

Sure, Borderlands 3 looks nicer. And on Xbox One X it plays nicer, too, especially if you select the favour performance option. Being able to mantle and slide is also pretty nifty, but it still feels like Borderlands and Borderlands 2. We’ve just played through and put an obscene number of hours into Borderlands Game of the Year Edition on Xbox One X earlier this year. Perhaps we’ve hit our Borderlands enjoyment limit? Is it possible to have too much of a good thing?

At this point in time, we can’t help but feel that Borderlands 3 shouldn’t have started on Pandora. It should have started elsewhere; somewhere different. Up to now, we’ve just been running around with a huge sense of deja vu, seeing sights that feel familiar, completing quests that feel familiar and killing enemies that feel familiar. We haven’t been surprised or wowed. And that’s what games are supposed to do in their first few hours – grab your attention.

Borderlands 3 4 (1)

And another thing. Weapon chests used to be everywhere in Borderlands games. In Borderlands 3, we’ve found one in the first area. Just one. And the first area is massive. Of course, lots of rubbish has been dropped by enemies, but it can’t compare to the excitement of finding a chest, opening it up and seeing what goodies are inside. We’re hoping that Gearbox hasn’t reduced the number of weapon chests in the world to push people towards its VIP scheme and Golden Keys.

It’s early days though. We do love the Borderlands series and we’re looking forward to playing more. We just hope that once we leave Pandora, it doesn’t feel like we’re simply retreading old ground. Borderlands 3 seems genuinely funny, but with its gameplay not really offering anything new, it’s up to the variety of environments and enemies to really make it a worthwhile entry in the series.

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