Retro Metroidvania Outbuddies is Coming to PC on October 15

Outbuddies is a classic metroidvania-style platformer by solo developer Julian Laufer, and it’s heading to PC on October 15th.

Outbuddies left a really good impression when we previewed it last week, with editor Rich lauding its mix of platforming, puzzles and combat.

Inspired by classic action-platformers such as Metroid, Castlevania and Mega Man, developer Julian Laufer has attempted to capture that same sense of exploration and adventure with a distinctively retro feel.

Some of the main features of Outbuddies include a fast-paced movement system with abilities that unlock as you progress, multiple weapons with a range of uses – including a Bubble Beam which immobilises enemies so they can be used as platforms – and a droid called Buddy who can alter your environment with telekinetic abilities.

Luckily you don’t have long to wait before you can jump into Outbuddies for yourself, as it’s heading to Steam on October 15th, with plans to spread onto consoles early next year. Read our preview here, and check out the announcement trailer below for a better look at the gameplay and the world.