Star Wars Battlefront II Cooperation Update Lands September 25

A huge new cooperation update is coming to Star Wars Battlefront II tomorrow, bringing a new character, new location and more.

EA DICE has announced that starting September 25th, the Cooperation Update will be going live in Star Wars Battlefront II.

The new update adds the Clone Commando as a playable character, one of the Republic’s finest soldiers. The Commando uses a repulsor, which can release a powerful shockwave that knocks foes off their feet. They also have a Battle Focus Ability which gives a damage reduction buff to nearby allies.


The planet Felucia is also being added to the game as a new location. It’s a vibrant and colourful environment, filled with strange and dangerous fungi, rich wildlife and even a giant sarlacc pit.

Instant Action mode is making a return to Star Wars Battlefront II, letting you jump into single player offline matches, or team up in four-player co-op against AI enemies. Luke Skywalker’s “Farmboy” outfit from A New Hope will also be added as a cosmetic item.

For all the info on the new Cooperation update, this blog post on the EA website goes into all the details about the new features coming to Star Wars Battlefront II. You can also check out the community update trailer below, which gives a rundown of the new content.