Super Street: Racer is Coming to Switch This November

A brand new arcade racing game from Lion Castle Entertainment, Super Street: Racer will be screeching onto the Nintendo Switch in November.

Developed by Rebel Games and published by Lion Castle Entertainment, Super Street: Racer is set to be the first full-on arcade street racer for Nintendo Switch. With the ability to build and customise your own dream car, the game is arriving on November 8th in Europe, November 12th in North America and November 14th in Asia.

Let’s hope that the Super Street team has learned a few things since Super Street: The Game from last year. Although Rebel Games and Team6 Game Studios did make some improvements in a major update a couple of months post-release, the game was more or less unplayable at launch, with editor Rich giving it an abysmal 2/10 review.


Super Street: Racer seems to have a similar focus to its predecessor – taking old scrap cars and gradually customising them using hundreds of branded car parts, transforming them into ultimate street racing machines. One you’ve tweaked every aspect of your car’s interior and exterior, you can hit the streets of Tokyo, Los Angeles, the Nevada desert or any one of a multitude of gorgeous cities and landscapes.

Super Street: Racer is coming to Nintendo Switch as both a physical and digital release on November 8th (Europe), November 12th (North America) and November 14th (Asia).