10The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

17th instalment in the Zelda franchise
Release year: 2013
Available on: 3DS

A Link Between Worlds follows Link in his quest to save Princess Zelda from the evil Yuga. Despite being released over 20 years after A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds is actually intended to be its sequel, and shares some similarities within its predecessor – not least of all the fantastic dungeon designs. 

Yuga wants to kidnap the Seven Sages to help him bring back Ganon. Through this, A Link Between Worlds introduces the world of Lorule, and the unique ability of Link being able to merge with the wall. This offers up many different puzzling elements, and adds to the sense of difficulty which makes A Link Between Worlds so adored by Zelda fans. It’s one of Link’s most unique adventures, and one that is hard to forget. 

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