The Long Dark Episode Three is Coming Next Month

With the five-year anniversary of its hit survival exploration game, Hinterland has announced that The Long Dark Episode Three will be arriving next month.

The Long Dark has just celebrated its five-year anniversary, and developer Hinterland has celebrated the occasion with the announcement of episode three: Crossroads Elegy. This next episode for The Long Dark will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on October 22nd.

Presumably to show gratitude to the fans who have played the game for the last five years, Hinterlands have announced that owners of The Long Dark will automatically receive Crossroads Elegy for free. Newcomers to the game will not only receive episode three with their purchase, but the entire Wintermute series of content and episodes, plus the Survival Mode and all previous updates.


Hinterland have also come up with another way to celebrate the last five years of The Long Dark, with the Time Capsule feature. Steam players will be able to access all major previous updates from the game through the Time Capsule page, letting you experience them as they were originally released.

For more info about episode three: Crossroads Elegy and The Long Dark‘s five-year anniversary, check out this post by Hinterland Founder and Creative Director Raphael van Lierop on the game’s official website. Also the new teaser trailer below can give you a little hint of what to expect from the new episode.