The Witch and Her Minions Aren’t the Only Nightmare You’ll Face in Blair Witch

Blair Witch

Blair Witch is the most recent horror game from Bloober Team, but the witch herself isn’t the scariest thing that players will deal with when they pick it up on Xbox One.

My roommates and I have been playing Blair Witch the last few days and, at first, found the game to be really spooky.

As time went on though, Blair Witch‘s sea of issues on a standard Xbox One became scarier than the content itself. It has become a point of contempt for us, having jumped into the game very nervous to play something that was guaranteed to give us a fright, but after our fifth forced restart, found ourselves frustrated and defeated.

It all started when we found out the danger that comes from interacting with the main character Ellis’ dog, Bullet. All of us being dog lovers, I was constantly being asked to give the dog a nice pat. At first, this worked out fine, but then after a few more pets, our love for the dog seemed to have physically rooted us into the ground – permanently. Bullet, having received a lovely pat, wandered away while Ellis, feet seemingly cemented to the ground, stayed in place. He was only able to crouch up and down, not even able to pull up his cellphone to call someone for help in his hour of need.

This was the first instance that something had gone wrong, so we cackled, tea-bagging the ground desperately trying to free ourselves. When it didn’t work, we started over, only losing three minutes of gameplay in the process. We did have to listen to a long phone conversation between Ellis and his ex-wife Jess a second time but this wasn’t a big deal.

Blair Witch 2 (1)

We continued on, calling Bullet to our side but deciding not to pet him again lest we upset the game gods once more. After about two more minutes we noticed that Bullet wasn’t with us. We called out to him, still moving forward, thinking that he had simply run ahead. Alas, he was nowhere to be seen. We wandered around aimlessly looking for our four-legged companion, only to find him back where we started, stuck helplessly inside of a rock. Inside of a rock.

We restarted again.

The next hour or two went by smoothly with only a few minor instances of textures refusing to load. And then came the minecarts.

During a portion of Blair Witch, you’re able to transport yourself around the creepy forest using minecarts that move only slightly faster than you would on foot. These worked out fine at first until suddenly Ellis seemed to move through them as if he was a cloud. Then, he moved back so that he could climb into the minecart properly. But I was still wary. I pulled the lever which was meant to move the cart forward, but it was stuck in place. Terrified of having to start over I froze, staring down at my four-legged companion pleadingly. After a moment, I exited the cart, hoping that I had just hit a rock on the path ahead and could walk the rest of the way. It didn’t take long for me to realise that something was about to go horribly, horribly wrong. And then, I fell through the world.

Blair Witch 1 (1)

As in, the world literally ate me and I was floating in an endless black abyss calling to my pup for help, to no avail whatsoever. That time, we lost almost ten minutes of gameplay, so it was a bit more frustrating than the previous restarts.

And these are just a few of the recent glitches my friend and I have dealt with while playing Blair Witch on Xbox One S. Let’s not even mention the times I’ve simply got stuck in the ground or tried to interact with my dog only to have him get stuck in the environment. When it works, Blair Witch is genuinely terrifying, but it’s a shame I’ve come across so many bugs to pull me out of the immersion. GameSpew ed Rich reviewed the game on PC and, although his experience wasn’t entirely bug-free, it was notably smoother than my experience. It just seems like Xbox One isn’t the best format to play the game on right now. Let’s hope it’s patched soon so Bullet and Ellis can stop getting sucked into the earth and being eaten by rocks.