Things Get Mythical in A Total War Saga: TROY

This newest entry in the iconic strategy series, A Total War Saga: TROY will reshape the mythos of Homer’s Iliad through a more realistic, historical lens.

SEGA has announced the latest entry in Creative Assembly’s popular Total War franchise.

A War Saga: TROY takes inspiration from the Homer’s epic poem The Iliad, but depicts the siege of Troy as it may have happened in the real world, leaving out the gods and monsters.


Many of the legendary heroes remain however, as the new announcement trailer teases us with a battle between Hector and Achilles (of “heel” fame).

The epic and grand-scale real time strategy of the Total War series will of course be central to the game, with added era-specific features to boot. Manage the unique barter economy, conduct delicate diplomacy and win the favour of the Gods as you try to influence the path of history.

A Total War Saga: TROY will be coming to PC via Steam at some point next year. Add it to your Steam wishlist here, and check out the announcement trailer below.