Tips to Help You Conquer Blasphemous

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While Blasphemous isn’t as hard as games such as Dark Souls, it’s still no walk in the park.

As The Penitent One, you’re likely to die time and time again on your adventure. Sometimes you’ll find yourself impaled on spikes, other times you’ll fall into an abyss, more often than not though, your demise will be at the hands of a troublesome boss. But there are things you can do to make your life a little bit easier.

We’ve assembled a list of some very useful tips that may make your time with Blasphemous run a little bit smoother. There are no spoilers, so you don’t have to worry about ruining anything for yourself. It’s all just general advice that you should take in, and you might find yourself having a better time with Blasphemous as a result. Enjoy!

Hit projectiles back at enemies

With no way to block them, enemy projectiles can be a pain in the backside in Blasphemous. What you can do, however, is slash them with your sword. Get the timing just right and the majority of ranged attacks can be dismissed this way. Just watch out for magic attacks, as hitting them with your sword is pointless.

Know when to parry and when to dodge

Key to success in Blasphemous is knowing how to deal with enemy attacks. Standard light attacks performed by enemies can be parried, often leaving your aggressor off balance for a moment. Follow up with a counter attack and you’ll be done with them in no time. Larger enemies, however, have attacks that hit hard, and while you can still parry them they’ll push you back, preventing you from counter attacking. In such cases, it’s better to try and dodge through the attack and the enemy itself, enabling you to get some hits in from behind.

Whether it’s a standard enemy or a boss, find out what’s the best way to deal with each attack. Once you know which attacks you should block, which you should dodge, and which you should simply jump over, you can deal with enemies without taking a scratch.

Jump in to attack

Like in other Metroidvania’s such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a jump attack can be quickly followed by another attack when you land. So, if you want to cause a bit of extra damage in a short space of time, open a combo with a jumping attack.

Explore if a boss or area seems too hard

Thanks to its fairly open world design, it’s easy to encounter a boss or area that you’re not quite ready for in Blasphemous.

If you find yourself struggling at any time, move away from the area you’re in and explore. You might find another areas in which the enemies are weaker. And along the way, you’re likely to pick up some upgrades that will make the area you were stuck in before much easier.

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Read lore on items you find

You’ll pick up lots of mysterious items in Blasphemous, and quite often you won’t have an idea of what to do with them. Quite often though, going in to your inventory, highlighting an item and then pressing whichever button/key is required to read its lore is quite helpful. It might mention an area or person, for example, which might just be the hint you need as to where, or how, you use it.

Buy items when you can

As you play through Blasphemous, you’ll sometimes stumble upon cracks in the background. Interact with them, and you’ll most likely discover a vendor.

The vendor has set up shop in multiple places, each with three items available for you to purchase. If you have enough Tears of Atonement, we suggest you buy all the items when paying a visit, as trying to locate the vendor locations later on can be troublesome. They don’t appear on the in-game map, you see? Plus, all the items are very useful.

Keep a pen and paper by your side

Again, Blasphemous‘ in-game map isn’t very good. While is shows where important things such as Mea Culpa Altars and Fountains are, it doesn’t indicate the locations of side quests or other points of interest. That’s why it’s wise to keep a pen and a piece of paper by your side, so you can make notes or draw maps. Or simply take screenshots of the map when you’re in rooms that you might want to return to later. That also works.

Make use of the thrust attack

Of all the attacks available to you in Blasphemous, the thrust is one of the most useful. Performed by dodging and then pressing and holding the attack button, the thrust attack has great range and does quite a lot of damage. Use it to cover long distances quickly and get a solid hit in during boss fights, or take out multiple enemies stood close together on platforms. Plus, you can upgrade it to make it even more potent.

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Sacrifice health to gain Fervour near save points

Fervour powers your prayers in Blasphemous; incantations that provide a range of benefits such as making you attack faster, creating a magical shield and calling lighting down to strike your enemies. While it charges pretty quickly by hitting enemies, if you’re near a Prie Dieu (a save point) and want to fill your Fervour bar, sacrifice your health to do so. All you need to do is hold the B button on Xbox One, Circle on PS4 or A on Switch, and your Fervour will replenish while your health goes down. Then you can use the Prie Dieu to restore your health. Just be aware that restoring your Fervour this way also expends some of your Tears of Atonement.

Complete side quests

You’ll encounter numerous side quests as you make your way through Blasphemous, and while you don’t have to complete any of them, you probably should.

Some of the rewards you obtain for completing side quests are very useful indeed, allowing you to explore more of the map. And thanks to being able to access those hard to reach places you’ll find more upgrades for The Penitent One, making them much more hardy in combat. And you’ll want that as you approach the game’s final boss.

Hit suspicious walls

Like Dark Souls and Castlevania, Blasphemous has a lot of walls that you can hit with your sword to make them disappear. If you encounter a suspicious wall, hit it. It might just reveal a hidden room with something valuable for you to collect. Look out for small gaps that you can slide through, too.

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