Two Tricks to Get Lots of Money in FIFA 20’s Career Mode

Fifa 20

Want to get lots of money as quickly as possible in FIFA 20‘s career mode? Here’s everything you need to know.

Now, of course you can follow the rules like a boring person. If you want to do that then there’s a guide on how to make money in FIFA 20’s Career Mode. 

But you’re here because you want quick and easy ways to make money in FIFA 20, right? Well, here are two incredibly simple ways to get huge amounts of money in Career Mode for FIFA 20.

Edit Player Ratings

Before you begin Career Mode you can edit players to have the attributes you want. Follow our guide on how to edit players in FIFA 20 and you can have all your players at a higher level than Messi in no time at all.

You can even edit your third choice keeper so that they are insanely highly rated. Start your career (don’t choose the updated squads; choose the currently customised option) and from there you can then add these players to the transfer list and watch huge transfer offers come in.

Club Transfers

This technique has been around for a long time, and it works in FIFA 20 better than it has in a long time. On the Home Screen, go to the Customise tab, then choose Edit Teams. From here pick Club Transfers and then you can move any player in the world to a team you want.

Then start your career (don’t choose the updated squads, choose the currently customised option) and you can transfer list these players. Interestingly, in previous years the option to transfer list (or sell) players transferred like this doesn’t appear until after one season. But in FIFA 20 you can transfer list them straight away.