What Do Shells Do in Link’s Awakening?

If you’ve been exploring Koholint Island in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, you’ve probably stumbled across some shells. But what do they do?

The simple answer is that shells in Link’s Awakening do nothing. At least, by themselves, anyway. But when you’ve found enough of them, they can be traded up for items at the Seashell Mansion, with a number of tiered rewards being available.

Seashells are hidden all across Koholint Island. You’ll find some in treasure chests, you’ll find some buried in the ground, you’ll find some hidden under bushes. If you like taking your time to explore, you’ll undoubtedly come across a couple of dozen shells without really trying.


Once you have collected a dozen shells or so, it’s worth paying a visit to Seashell Mansion to ‘cash’ them in. You’ll find Seashell Mansion just to the left of Ukuku Prairie. Once inside the house, stand on the circular pad on the floor, and a meter on the right-hand side will fill up.

You’ll see there are several markers on the meter, each one denoting a shell milestone. At the first milestone, you’ll get a piece of heart. At the second milestone, you’ll get a detector which’ll make a sound when you’re near a seashell out in the world. So once you’ve reached the second milestone, it’ll become a lot easier to find more hidden shells.

So even though seashells in Link’s Awakening don’t necessary do anything, it’s worth collecting them for the prizes you’ll be rewarded. Plus, it’s always rewarding to find something hidden in Link’s Awakening‘s world!