Where to Find Blob Coneshots in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot

Wondering where to find blob coneshots in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? Here’s everything you need to know.

Occasionally in Mighty Quest, you’ll need to head towards a specific boss or enemy in order to complete a challenge. It isn’t always clear where that enemy is going to be.

There’s quite a few “blob” types of enemies in the game, but you probably didn’t realise they each had special names.


Rather than being named after their colour or appearance, the names are based on the type of attacks they have. The Blob Coneshot is so named because it fires shots out in a cone-shaped pattern. Inventive, no? They are the big, blue blobs that you encounter later into the game.

You’ll find Blob Coneshots in Act 10 of Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Act 10, Level 4 has about 25 of them, making it a great place to farm.

If you’re working through the Blob Attacks! event, make sure you take note of the ‘important notice’ that was posted to Mighty Quest players’ inboxes:

“Please be aware that the Blob Event milestones do not stack.

Be sure to claim your Milestone rewards before slaying more Blobs if you want your actions to be taking into account.

We advise you to open Event Chests 1 by 1 and not x10 so that all your openings can be counted.”

As you complete missions, another one takes its place – i.e. one of the first milestones is to open one ‘Blob Chest’. The next milestone will be to open five. If you open more than one chest before claiming your reward, the extra chests won’t count towards that next milestone. So be sure to claim each reward exactly as you earn it.

Looking for other blob types in Mighty Quest?