Zelda-Lite Adventure Legend of the Skyfish is Cute But Repetitive

Legend of the Skyfish

Take irony to a whole new level by slapping fish with a fishing rod in Legend of the Skyfish.

As if fish didn’t cause enough trouble in the ocean, now they’re walking on land, trying to kill humans. Just what have we done to deserve it – other than, you know, eat them and their families for hundreds of years? Well, that just won’t do.

From developer Mgaia Studio, Legend of the Skyfish is a simple but beautiful level-based puzzle-meets-adventure game. In it, you take on the role of Little Red Hook and, with the help of a magnificent creature known as the Moonfish, you’ll be travelling from island to island, taking out monstrous Skyfish as you go. This is easier said than done as each island is crawling with creatures, traps, puzzles and more, all waiting to catch you out.


What’s most unique about Legend of the Skyfish is its fishing rod mechanic. Not only does your fishing rod act as a weapon when swung, it can also be used as a means of transportation for pulling you across bodies of water. You’ll come across pairs of golden plates as you play through the game, and your fishing rod can pull you from one to the other, allowing you to access otherwise unreachable areas. The control can be a bit clunky, however, and I found myself missing the spot where my fishing rod could hook on, but after some practice it got easier. The main goal is to destroy the Skyfish totems awaiting you at the end of the ever-winding, enemy infested islands.

Legend of the Skyfish

While Legend of the Skyfish is pretty fun for the first hour or two, after that things start to get a bit repetitive. Even with upgrading your equipment and the differences in the levels, there’s just not that much variety. You’ll find the scenery changes occasionally, but for the most part you’ll be attacking the same enemies and solving similar puzzles over and over and over.

That isn’t to say that Legend of the Skyfish won’t keep you entertained, though. Don’t expect to get engrossed for hours, but in short bursts, Legend of the Skyfish‘s quaint art style and simple but engaging gameplay is fun. It feels like a watered-down Zelda dungeon at times – just don’t expect the same level of depth. There’s plenty to appreciate from the graphics to the music to the uniquely challenging boss battles. It’s just that, after the thirtieth seahorse spits yet another deadly orb at you, you might find yourself a little tired out.

Legend of the Skyfish is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS Vita.