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10 Reasons to Be Excited About The Last of Us Part II

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Why you should be excited for The Last of Us Part II

“When you need justice, how far are you willing to go for that…and how much of yourself are you going to lose in the process?”

These are the haunting words of The Last of Us Part II’s lead game designer, Em Schatz, and they perfectly sum up the tone of the much anticipated The Last of Us sequel. 

On September 24th the release date trailer for The Last of Us Part II released, with a huge amount of further details being presented on Outbreak day (September 26th). There’s a lot of new additions and tweaks, but the main theme remains the same: Ellie’s journey, and her battle against the harsh ‘new’ world. 

Information about The Last of Us Part II is still a rare commodity – even rarer than finding ammo in The Last of Us. But we’ve scavenged all the key details and identified the 10 biggest reasons to be excited about Naughty Dog’s upcoming sequel: The Last of Us Part II. 

The biggest ever story from Naughty Dog

From the PlayStation 2 days of Jak and Daxter to the iconic adventures of Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series, Naughty Dog has developed some truly exceptional games. But according to The Last of Us Part II’s creative director, Neil Druckmann, Ellie’s latest journey includes a very “ambitious story”, and one with a scope which kept growing. 

Considering just how incredible The Last of Us’ plot is, it’s hard to imagine how Naughty Dog could expand on this and improve it, but that’s what the developer seems intent on doing. We can’t wait for more iconic and heart-wrenching moments, with more character development from Ellie and Joel too. The Last of Us Part II could well include the greatest gaming story ever told. 

Ellie’s journey continues in more extreme ways 

The very first reveal trailer for The Last of Us Part II (released back in 2016) displayed a different type of Ellie. As she softly played her guitar, the pain and angst she’d suffered through were clear, and this brilliantly set the tone for The Last of Us’ sequel. Ellie is incredibly loyal – we already know that, but this an Ellie who has been pushed to extremes, and hidden from dire truths. 

According to Neil Druckmann, “love can also give way to extreme hate under the right circumstances.” It seems that Ellie has suffered a great loss, and this has stirred within her a form of hatred that she’s not shown before. Ellie has grown up in this harsh ‘new’ reality, and The Last of Us Part II is our opportunity to see just how far Ellie has been pushed. 

Ellie takes the lead 

The player controlled Joel in The Last of Us, and he acted as the protagonist alongside Ellie. It’s clear that Joel has a part to play in the sequel, but Ellie is undoubtedly the lead. From driving the story Naughty Dog has developed, to allowing for a change in the style of gameplay, Ellie takes centre stage, and The Last of Us Part II is built around that. 

Combat feels different with Ellie. She’s got less force behind her physical attacks, but she’s much more agile than Joel. These traits create a new style of play for The Last of Us 2, and brilliantly blends with Ellie’s personality too. The Last of Us Part II is Ellie’s story, and everything is being developed with that in mind. 

The role Dina plays 

Dina looks to be a hugely significant character in The Last of Us Part II. From her introduction in the gameplay reveal trailer released during E3 2018, it was clear that she’d be a love interest for Ellie. But Dina is portrayed as so much more than that: she’s a mysterious character with a full backstory. Her relationship with Ellie hasn’t been fully revealed yet, but it seems almost certain it will be explored in The Last of Us Part II. 

The playable demo from the Outbreak Day featured two sections. The first was centred around the bond between Ellie and Dina, and even features a moment where the two get high together (while on a patrol) and share a poignant moment. But the second part of the demo is much more violent, and focuses on Ellie seeking revenge, while Dina is no where to be seen. It’s unclear yet what has happened to Dina, but this obviously plays a big role in Ellie’s character progression. 

Scavenging is as frantic as ever 

Scavenging is a huge part of The Last of Us, with incredible tension being built through trying to find resources. The Last of Us Part II will be no different: resources will be sparse, tension will be great, and this will create a lot of panic for the player, especially considering that Ellie’s power is much more limited than Joel’s. 

With improved AI, and even more challenging scenarios to face, it seems that Naughty Dog wants to add to the challenge by making those all-important items (like ammo) hard to come by. Scavenging will be just as important as ever in The Last of Us Part II, and we can’t wait to see how it becomes even more vital with Ellie as the lead character. 

Bigger environments and more options 

The Last of Us can, at times, feel quite claustrophobic. Of course this was done by design; it adds to the atmosphere and ensures tension is high. It’s clear that this will be the case in The Last of Us Part II, but some settings do look bigger, and Naughty Dog have added more options for the player. 

The Last of Us is very story driven, and at times this bleeds over to the gameplay where it almost feels like players don’t have much of a choice in terms of how to go about completing a task. The Last of Us Part II will offer more variety and more player choice when it comes to deciding how to tackle a particular mission.

Even more violence 

Naughty Dog has truly ramped up the violence presented in The Last of Us Part II. From the second trailer it was clear that this would be the direction taken by the game, and Naughty Dog has been consistent in noting that this violence is the cause of a world with no laws or rules. 

But not only will The Last of Us Part II be more violent, but it will be more meaningful too. It will relate to Ellie’s journey, and show just how far she’s willing to go. It also becomes more shocking to the player as each human character has a name, making them seem like much more of a real person. Whether it’s choosing to kill the wild dogs, or how Ellie goes about killing the human characters, we can expect that the violence will not only be ramped up, but also be much more poignant.   

Joel’s story continues 

Ellie will be the main protagonist in The Last of Us Part II, and we can expect her story to be an emotional rollercoaster. But the most recent trailer also revealed that Joel will return, and that he will play a big part in the story again. It’s still unclear on how Ellie reacted to the ending of The Last of Us and Joel’s controversial decision, but we can certainly expect that to be explored. 

Plus Joel now has a new story dimension added: his brother, Tommy. It appears that Tommy has been kidnapped by a group of survivors, and now Joel is on a journey of revenge. Again, we can expect this to relate to the theme of how far one person can go, and surely this will lead to even more violence. We can’t wait to see how the dynamic between Ellie and Joel has grown and developed. 


As if the infected weren’t already scary enough in The Last of Us, there’s now a new type. Shamblers look absolutely horrifying, and will no doubt play a huge role in heightening the tension in The Last of Us Part II. When killed, they explode and spray dangerous acid everywhere. 

Not only that, but they’re much faster than the typical infected, too. Shamblers will add new dimensions to the stealth and action gameplay, and they can take much more damage too. Whether they’re spraying acid or running at you, they’re an incredibly frightening proposition, and will add new gameplay elements to The Last of Us Part II. 

The Graphics 

The Last of Us included so many iconic and memorable moments, with many of these added to by the gorgeous graphics. The re-release on PlayStation 4 showed us just how incredible Joel and Ellie’s journey could look, and the graphics only heightened some of the incredible moments in the story. 

The Last of Us Part II looks to have improved upon this, and presents an absolutely gorgeous game. Character features and facial expressions look even more defined, and the environment looks incredible. From snowy settings to eerie and abandoned buildings, each location is made even more special. Ellie’s second journey was always going to be remarkable, but The Last of Us II’s graphics will heighten each and every moment. 

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