2.5D Action-Platformer Fallback is Out Now

Formed by ex-Ubisoft and Amplitude developers, indie studio ENDROAD has just launched Fallback, a 2.5D action-platformer set in a procedural post-apocalypse.

Fallback is a new 2.5D roguelike action-platformer and the debut title from ENDROAD – a small independent studio formed by ex-Ubisoft and Amplitude employees who have previously worked on such AAA games as The Division, Endless Space and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

Exiled to a labyrinthine underground city after an ecological disaster, you play as the last remnants of humanity, searching for captured rebel leaders to join the fight against your jailers.


As in most 2.5D games, environments are rendered in 3D while movement is limited to a 2D plane, but a unique camera system allows you to shift perspectives to find new paths and hidden secrets.

The small team plans to keep adding content and making improvements to the game – including new characters, bosses and environments – plus there are several community goals based on the number of copies of the game are sold. If it sells 20,000 copies, the studio promises to plant the same number of trees to help make sure humanity isn’t really wiped out in an eco-disaster!

Fallback is available on PC via Steam. Check out the new official story trailer below, or for more information about the game you can go to the ENDROAD website.