Check Out the New Game Overview Video for Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel's Avengers

This new trailer delves into how gameplay, player progression, co-op missions, character outfits and more will work in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers.

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics dropped the new video yesterday, which gives a brief overview of the plot before getting into details about specific game mechanics. A new post on the PlayStation Blog interviewing Creative Director Noah Hughes also gives us a better idea about how Marvel’s Avengers will be capturing the essence of our favourite super heroes.

After being blamed for a terrible and deadly accident, the Avengers disband, allowing the rise of the sinister AIM corporation who have replaced superheroes with their advanced mechanical AIs. After developing extraordinary powers, Young Kamala Kahn uncovers a shocking anti-super hero conspiracy, and strives to reunite the Avengers and fix what the world has become in their absence.


Co-operative play is apparently a big focus for the game, with the different heroes’ fighting styles complimenting each other just as they do in the comics or on the big screen. From the war table in your base of operations, the player can tackle Hero Missions as part of the single player campaign; but there are also Warzone Missions which can be played with up to four other players, really making you feel like part of an elite Avengers team.

Various gear and skills can be unlocked as you play and also upgraded in a variety of ways, to customise each character’s playstyle to your preference. The way you choose to upgrade your heroes might mean that two different players’ versions of Thor or Black Widow might have vastly different strengths.

There are also a variety of cosmetic items to be unlocked, with some new designs and many others taken from the expansive history of Marvel comics. Some can be unlocked through gameplay, but it seems some outfits will also be available to purchase with real money. This might be the most palatable way to include microtransactions in a game, but the joy of working hard to unlock a new outfit is still something I resent being removed and sold back to me in this way when it could just be included in a more complete experience.

Marvel’s Avengers will be coming to PlayStation 4 on May 15th 2020. Check out the new game overview video above, and check out the PlayStation blog post for loads more details.

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