Chicken Police is a Noir Mystery with Anthropomorphic Animals

Billing itself as a cross between Sin City, Chinatown and BoJack Horseman, Chicken Police is an noir detective adventure game with talking bird heads.

Planned for release in March next year, Chicken Police is the debut title from independent studio The Wild Gentlemen.

By taking the dialogue-driven storytelling of visual novels and combining it with point-and-click adventure mechanics, Chicken Police tells a gritty mystery story with 30 gorgeous locations and a cast of hilarious animal characters. The game also features a unique and eye-catching visual style, blending 3D graphics with live footage.


On the night of New Year’s Eve, a mysterious woman visits alcoholic ex-detective Sonny Featherland with a job that takes him back to a dark time in his past. Now, Sonny and his old partner Marty MacChicken are back together, tackling a twisted case far stranger than anything either of them have ever seen before.

Chicken Police is scheduled for release in Q1 of 2020 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac and Apple TV. Check out the official teaser trailer below, and head over to the game’s Steam page for more info and to add it to your wishlist.