Children of Morta Finds a Welcome Home on Console

Children of Morta

Mount Morta has been guarded for centuries but, as evil spreads, will you and your family be able to keep it safe?

Children of Morta released on 3rd September on PC, and just over a month later, it’s now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

I decided, after seeing such a positive review of the PC release from GameSpew’s Diggy, that I’d try my hand at the console version. I wasn’t disappointed: it is gorgeous.


Developed by Dead Mage, Children of Morta is a roguelike RPG where you play as The Bergsons, a family who must spend their days guarding their home in an epic world of fantastical and dark creatures. Each character has their own unique abilities, so if you enjoy a Rogue-like that switches things up, but not so much that you feel overwhelmed, you’ll find a welcome home here.

Children of Morta

Not only does Children of Morta hold-up as a fantastic rougelike on consoles, dare I say it is better than ever. The game’s console controls are smooth and easy to learn, and its setting, the beautiful Mount Morta, is a sight to behold on the big screen. The characters, despite their strangely pedestrian names (Kevin and Linda? Come on!), are wonderfully dynamic and all-around lovely.

To read more about Children of Morta you can read our full review here, or you can pick it up on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.