Control Adds ‘Photo Mode’ in a Free Update

Remedy are encouraging players to capture their favourite Control moments with the new Photo Mode, available now as a free update.

Control, the reality-bending action game from 505 Games and Remedy Entertainment, now has a Photo Mode which will allow players to capture and share their favourite moments as they play.

From trippy physics-defying visuals to awesome explosions to regular office environments, the Photo Mode provides a simple and easy way to capture any moment from the game, and also allows you to get creative with a selection of filters and other tools to edit your photos before sharing them.


In Control you play as Jesse Faden, the director of a secretive government acency who must defend the its New York headquarters from an otherworldly threat. At your disposal is a variety of supernatural abilities, which create intense and visually spectacular action.

The Photo Mode is available now across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as a free update, so you can start playing and sharing moments with your friends right now. For more information about Control you can head to the game’s official website.