Falling-Block Game Day and Night Coming Exclusively to Switch

Day and Night is a 2D falling-block puzzle game with a unique twist, coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch on October 22nd.

Developed and published by Ridiculous Games, Day and Night aims to put its own spin on the classic falling-block puzzle formula.

In Day and Night, the simple goal of matching groups of four blocks together is not quite so simple. At any moment you or your opponent’s time meter might fill up, flipping the time of day for both players from day to night and night to day.


Each time state has its own block types, with the opposite type becoming inactive when it changes. This means players must act strategically, striking a balance between matching active blocks and stockpiling inactive blocks for a burst of combo points when the time of day flips.

“We know we are standing on the shoulders of a classic genre,” says Ridiculous Games CEO Jeremy Airey, “and we have made sure to stay true to its core mechanics of barely-controlled chaos and split-second decision making, all the while expanding upon it in an exciting new way.”

Day and Night is coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 22nd. To get a look at the chaotic gameplay, check out the announcement trailer below.