Get UnderRail for Free When You Buy Disco Elysium

Get two isometric RPGs for the price of one on, with a free copy of UnderRail when you buy the new open-world detective game Disco Elysium.

To celebrate the release of the new open-world detective RPG Disco Elysium, anyone who buys a DRM-free copy from will also get a free copy of UnderRail, the isometric turn-based RPG from Stygian Software.

Disco Elysium puts you in the middle of a dynamic open world – with a stylish visual style, extensive freedom of choice and a unique dialogue system. Playing as a skilled detective, you can interrogate characters, solve murders, take bribes and much more. Become a hero to the people, or crash and burn as a corrupt human disaster.


Buying Disco Elysium on will also get you UnderRail, an old-school RPG focusing on exploration and combat. Set in a distant dystopian future, the Earth’s surface has become uninhabitable and the last dregs of the human race live in a vast underground metro system known as the UnderRail.

Disco Elysium is available now on PC – purchase it on to make the most of the free UnderRail offer. You can also check out the new launch trailer below for a look at the game’s dark and complex open world.