Get Up to 90% Off in the Halloween Sale

Running until November 4th, you can get DRM-free horror, mystery and action games with discounts of up to 90% in the Halloween sale. (aka Good Old Games) has decided to celebrate Shocktober with some shockingly good deals, which are sure to spook your bank account.

Befitting the season, it is only the spookiest games that are getting slashed in price for the next week; with recent titles such as Blair Witch, Layers of Fear 2 and Blastphemous included in the sale as well as classics such as Diablo and Hellfire. sells games that are DRM-free, meaning the game files are yours to download and keep. This is unlike most other digital distribution services such as Steam, which often use strict anti-piracy systems that can be annoying and less versatile for players.

There are over 300 horror, mystery and action games included in the Halloween sale, so head on over to before the Halloween sale ends on November 4th. We’ve picked out a handful of the best discounts below:

Go see the full list of discounted games on Happy Halloween!

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