Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Can You Change the View While Driving a Vehicle?

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

While for much of Ghost Recon Breakpoint you’ll be on foot, you’ll also spend a fair bit of time travelling via vehicle. But can you change the view while doing so?

Whether it’s driving a car, riding a buggy, scooting around on a motorcycle or even taking to the skies in a helicopter, there’s a multitude of vehicles ready for the taking in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Pretty much from the start of the game, you’ll be getting to grips with being behind the wheel of a car or taking the handlebars of a motorcycle.


Since the rest of the game is in third person, with the camera over the shoulder of your character, it makes sense that you’ll also have a third-person view when in a vehicle. But for those of us who are familiar with playing racing games, an out of car view can feel unnatural.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to change the view in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, so you’ll have to get used to using an out-of-car view. Thankfully, you’re not racing against anyone; so tight corners and precise drifting doesn’t matter! It’s just a shame you can’t fully take in the world through an in-car view while driving around.