How to Hire a New Teammate in GRID 2019

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As you make your way through GRID 2019‘s career, it’s beneficial to have a good teammate.

While your success in any given event is largely up to your own driving performance, with a good teammate by your side your team can still come out on top even if you fail to get a podium finish. The primary reason you’ll want your teammate to do well, however, is that you take the majority of their earnings. So, if they do well, you earn more money.

The teammate you start with in GRID 2019 isn’t very good, truth be told. For that reason, you’ll want to hire a better teammate as soon as possible. To hire a new teammate, you need to go to your player profile. You can do that from GRID 2019‘s main menu, or by pressing the start button in most in-game menus. From there, go to the team menu and a list of available Drivers will be displayed.


Drivers are graded on their loyalty, skill, attack and defence in GRID 2019. Initially you won’t have many drivers available to you, but by levelling up and completing certain objectives more will become available. Obviously, the drivers with the best stats are more effective, but until you’ve unlocked them you’ll have to make do with what’s available and perhaps hire teammates more strategically.

If you’re going to be taking part in lots of GT events, for example, perhaps look for the best driver available who’s got lots of GT racing experience. And as a rule of thumb, it’s probably a good idea to prioritise drivers with high skill over other characteristics.

Each teammate you hire in GRID 2019 demands a signing fee, which varies a lot from driver to driver. If you want the best, you’re probably going to have to pay quite a bit. Once you’ve signed a teammate, they’ll take a cut of their earnings outlined in the driver roster too. So, to reap the most benefits, try to find a driver that’s skilled, doesn’t cost much to sign, and doesn’t demand a high percentage of their race earnings. It’s a tall order but it’s doable. And it’ll result in you being more successful and richer.

Oh, and don’t forget to issue commands to your teammate while racing. Pressing up on the d-pad instructs them to attack if possible. While pressing down instructs them to defend their position.