How to Play Code Vein in Co-Op

Code Vein 3 (1)

While Code Vein can be played entirely in single player, it’s undoubtedly better when you have a companion by your side.

Unless you dismiss them, an AI partner follows you pretty much everywhere in Code Vein. They prove to be useful, too, often drawing the attention of enemies so you can get a sneaky hit in, or even killing them for you. But you know what’s better? Having a real person helping you instead. And for that there’s online co-op.

To be able to play Code Vein in co-op, you first need to make sure you start the game in online mode when asked. Then you need to continue your game as you can’t initiate co-op from the title screen. Once your game is loaded, you need to decide if you want to host or join a game. To do either, you need to bring up the game’s menu while you’re playing, and then locate the multiplayer option.


Once you’re in Code Vein‘s multiplayer menu, you can choose to either invite a friend directly by pressing the X button on an Xbox One controller or Square button on a PS4 controller, send a distress signal to invite someone into your game via matchmaking, or search for a distress signal to join another player’s game. It’s beneficial to help other players out once in a while as you get rewards for doing so. But before you go down the matchmaking route, be aware that you have more options to consider to tweak your online experience.

By pressing the Y button on an Xbox One controller or the Triangle button on a PS4 controller while in Code Vein‘s Multiplayer menu, you gain access to a number of settings that allow you to tweak the game’s matchmaking. You can even set a password if you’d like, which is great for creating an online session that only your friends can enter. Once you’re done, return to the game’s multiplayer menu and either send out a distress signal or search for one.

It should be noted though, that Code Vein is a bit picky when it comes to the locations you can invite a friend into your game or send out a distress signal. If you go into the multiplayer menu and those options are greyed out, simply teleport to a new area or go explore a little, then try again. Eventually you should be able to get a co-op game going and have fun journeying together.