How to Save Your Game in Green Hell

Not sure how to save your game in Green Hell? Here’s what to do.

Green Hell is a challenging but entertaining jungle survival sim. You’re lost in jungle with nothing but your wits to keep you alive and it’s up to you to craft, kill and jump your way to safety. Even if a tiger doesn’t pull your head off, there are many, many other ways to die; from starving to death through to going mad because of the squirming worms that have burrowed their way into your flesh.

Saving your game is essential if you don’t want to lose half a jungle’s worth of progress, but it’s not as easy as you might thing. If you want to save your game, you need to do either find a save point or build one.

Pre-built save points are hard to find. They’re usually calendars; for example, the abandoned outpost you come across has a calendar on the wall which, when activated, will let you save your game. However, it’ll take about an hour’s worth of play to get there.

It’s almost simpler to build one. If you look at your crafting menu, you’ll notice that some buildings state they’ll let you save your game. The smallest of these is a basic shelter; the next smallest is a building with a roof, which you construct by building the frame and then adding a roof. Both of these require you to cut down trees, which can be a pain.

There’s no easy option, unfortunately. We do recommend you use multiple save slots since it’s possible to get yourself into a place where you’re almost doomed to die.

Enjoy your jungle excursion!