How to Share an Apple Arcade Subscription

Apple Arcade

Out last month, Apple’s videogame subscription service Apple Arcade has drastically changed how we feel about mobile gaming.

For just £5.99/$5.99 a month, Apple Arcade gives iOS and iPad OS users access to an ever-growing library of games. Best of all, there’s no microtransactions in sight: the games on the service are all full experiences with no in-game purchases whatsoever.

It’s a breath of relief for a sector of the gaming industry that’s relied heavily on the “freemium” model for many years. Perhaps best of all, though, is a single Apple Arcade subscription can be shared between up to five people, providing your accounts are part of the same family.


Here’s everything you need to know about sharing an Apple Arcade account.

First of all, it’s worth noting that sharing an Apple Arcade account between multiple users also requires other parts of an Apple account to be shared, including iTunes, other account purchases, and stored payment details. While access can be locked off on a per-user basis, we absolutely would not recommend sharing an Apple Arcade account with anyone but your close family and friends.

Set up a Family on Apple

You can’t simply share Apple Arcade by itself: you need to set up a Family, or be part of one. The primary account holder will be the one who shares their subscription with others. In order to set up a Family Account, first navigate to settings on your Apple device, then click on your name/user icon. From there, select “Set Up Family Sharing” then “Get Started”.

You’ll be prompted to choose the first feature you’d like to share with your family group. Apple Arcade isn’t an option at this point, so you’ll have to choose another. This can be revoked later on, so it doesn’t necessarily matter which you select. But Location Sharing seems like an easy choice to make. Choose “Share Location”, then on the next screen, “Invite Family Members”. You’ll have to put tin your password at this stage.

Next, a message window will be brought up with the invite you’re sending out to your family. Add in the email addresses that they use to log into Apple with. You can add your own message, or click send.

Choose what content to share

Once that’s done, go back to settings on your Apple device. Click on your name again, and you’ll see “Set Up Family Sharing” has been replaced with “Family Sharing”. Click that. You’ll now see a list of all your family members (with the option to invite more), along with the features that you can share.

Apple Arcade is right at the bottom: ensure that’s toggled to “On”. Click any others that you want to approve or revoke access for it.

And that’s it. Providing the Family invites have been accepted, you’re now sharing your Apple Arcade subscription.