How to Start a Fire in Green Hell

Not sure how to start a fire in Green Hell? Here’s what to do.

Green Hell is a challenging but entertaining jungle survival sim. You’re lost in jungle with nothing but your wits to keep you alive and it’s up to you to craft, kill and jump your way to safety. Even if a tiger doesn’t pull your head off, there are many, many other ways to die; from starving to death through to going mad because of the squirming worms that have burrowed their way into your flesh.

You become more adept at keeping yourself alive as the game progresses and you’ll be able to build bigger and better fires. But a basic fire is essential if you want to be able to cook food (which stops you getting sick) and also boil water. Here’s what to do.


First, build a small fire from your craft menu. You’ll need to gather sticks and small sticks for this; you can create small sticks by hitting big sticks with an axe or other tool. Then, build a hand drill, with a stick and small stick.

Next, gather some tinder. You can use bird nests or fibres but the easiest way is to look for trees with yellow leaves. Cut the tree down and harvest the yellow leaves.

Go back to the fire, and use your drill, dragging the tinder to the appropriate slot.

Once you’ve got the glowing embers, go to the fire and click on it. You may fail making embers, particularly if you’re low on stamina, so you might need to sleep and try again later.

Hey presto, you’ve got a fire. You’ll need to keep it going by adding fuel, such as more sticks, but you’re one step closer to surviving this Green Hell.