How to Use Photo Mode in Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a game with some stunning visuals. As such, you’ll probably want to take them in as much as possible. Here’s how to use photo mode.

Photo mode has fast become a staple in any open world game. As graphical fidelity in games becomes more masterful, visuals become more awe-inspiring. And as a result, we want to be able to admire our surroundings more than simply exploring them. Thankfully, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is no different, and includes a built-in photo mode.

To access photo mode in-game, simply press in both thumbsticks at once. Your progress will pause, and you’ll be taken to the photo mode interface. Note that you’ll not be able to access photo mode if you’re playing online as your game cannot pause.


Once in photo mode, you can adjust a multitude of settings. You can pan the camera around, change the focal distance, fiddle with aperture, apply a bunch of filters and more.

Perhaps most impressively, though, is that you can change the time of day and the weather while in photo mode. So if it’s the middle of night in the game but you’ve reached a location you desperately want to photograph in daylight, there’s no need to wait for the sun to come back up. Within Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s photo mode settings, you can choose the time of day, down to the hour. You can also choose the weather from a number of preset options, including rain, overcast and sunny.

To save your images, you can push in the right stick which will remove the photo mode interface. Then, you can use your console’s screenshot features in order to save your image. That means pressing the ‘share’ button on your PS4 controller, or pressing the Xbox button on your Xbox One controller, then pressing ‘Y’ to screenshot.