Lovecraft in Space: Moons of Madness Gets a Launch Date

Funcom’s Lovecraftian space horror game Moons of Madness gets an ominous new trailer, and a release date set for later this month.

Funcom has announced that Moons of Madness, the upcoming sci-fi spookfest from Rock Pocket Games, will be crash landing on PC just in time for Halloween on October 22nd.

The publisher also dropped a new launch date announcement trailer for the Lovecraft-inspired horror adventure, giving us a look at the Mars research facility that will undoubtedly be trashed by cosmic monstrosities over the course of the game.

Playing as chief engineer on the aforementioned facility Shane Newehart, you will find yourself in a twisted nightmare and under attack from your own inner demons, as well as some very tangible outer demons.

Wierdly, Moons of Madness is set in the same conspiracy-ridden universe as Funcom’s MMORPG The Secret World. However, the publisher insists that while Secret World fans might simply recognise some names and themes, you do not need to be familiar with one to enjoy the other.

Moons of Madness will be arriving on PC on October 22nd, with a PS4 and Xbox One release slated for January 21st 2020. Check out the new trailer below, or go to the official website for more information about the game.

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