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Pride Run is a Simplistic and Fun Celebration of Diversity

The chance to be in a pride parade? YAS QUEEN.

I love rhythm games. It’s one of the only genres I will proudly say that I’m good at.

From the moment I picked up those plastic guitars in Guitar Hero and danced on plastic dance pads in Dance, Dance Revolution as a wee bab I was hooked on rhythm games. I still kick butt in most rhythm games. So if you tell me that I have to opportunity to play a rhythm game that also celebrates the wonderful LGBTQ+ community I’ll be extra interested. And that’s why I jumped at the chance to play Pride Run from Steam Factory, Hard Ton and IV Productions.

The concept for Pride Run is very simple. You are in control of a pride parade taking place in some of the biggest cities all around the world. Notes will flow across the screen, and the better you perform, the bigger the parade gets. All the while, you’ll be fighting off haters and people that don’t support the parade. Don’t worry; so long as everyone stays FABULOUS, the haters don’t hang around too long. Score combos by getting perfect timing on your notes and attract more people to your parade before the song is over.

At the end of the parade you’ll have to fight a big boss and convert them to the fabulous side of the gay community. I’ve got to say, Donald Trump looks great in drag. These boss fights consist of hitting the correct button sequences to send extravagant punches at the opponent. They’re going to fight back so you’ll have to work hard in those platform heels to bring them over to rainbow side and make them see what an all-inclusive, supportive community looks like.

When I first started out, I was playing Pride Run on easy which is a painful affair. The notes went by so slowly that I thought I might fall asleep. I immediately moved from easy to hard which was, of course, more my speed. Things fly by a lot faster and it’s much more of a challenge. There is also a further difficulty, “Play Hard”, that allows you to fully customise your parade, pick your leaders, and use their different abilities to make the parade the best it can be.

Not only is Pride Run a fun game to pick up and play for gamers from all walks of life, but 10% of all sales of the game go to the Kaleidoscope International Trust, a charity whose goal is to “uphold the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people internationally.” You can take a look at their website here.

With fun music, easy to learn controls and a lovely concept, Pride Run is one that all gamers in the LGBTQ+ community – or even just anyone who likes a good rhythm game – should have their eye on. While the game doesn’t have a twisting story or dynamic characters, there’s charm in its simplicity. There’s a message to be found here – love is love – and it’s great to see a game that isn’t afraid of making their message clear.

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