QUBE 2 and Layers of Fear are Now Free on Epic Games Store

Say what you will about the Epic Games Store, but there’s one thing you can’t fault: the amount of free games it throws at us.

The store is giving away two free games this week, which are available from today until next Thursday, 31st October, at which point a new freebie will become available.

This week’s free games are QUBE 2 and Layers of Fear. One’s an atmospheric horror-themed walking simulator, and the other is a first person puzzler. Two very different games, but both very good. Even better for free.


QUBE 2 originally released back in March 2018. In our review, we said: “The puzzles are the real star of the show [in QUBE 2], just as they should be, and the story is merely a nice addition to round out the game into a fully fleshed-out package… Every level offers a new challenge, and just when you think you’ve got the hang of everything, QUBE 2 will throw something new at you.”

Layers of Fear dates back to 2016, but don’t let that put you off: it’s still an excellent spooky adventure. When we originally reviewed it, we said: “[Layers of Fear] may be a short experience… but it’s very much worth your time. Very few other games manage to create and sustain such a feeling of horror from the minute you boot the game up, and that’s largely thanks to the way the game constantly keeps you guessing about what is going on.”

So, there you go. Two excellent games that can be yours absolutely free. There’s no catch, either: all you need to do is register for an Epic account if you don’t already have one, log in to the store and hit the ‘get’ button on each games’ store page.

Make sure you grab them before 31st October, when the two free games will be replaced with Costume Quest 2 and Soma. Head to the Epic store now.