Resident Evil Celebrates Halloween with Brutal Adventure Game

To celebrate the season of spooks, Capcom has released a fiendishly difficult Resident Evil choose-your-own-adventure browser game.

While on your way to a Halloween party, you are kidnapped and thrown into a sinister Umbrella Project. Your aim is to escape the deadly maze and get back to the party before you are killed in one of many, many gruesome ways. This is the setup for Escape for Halloween: a choose-your-own-adventure game playable now on the Capcom website.

This new Resident Evil adventure game really doesn’t mess around. My first run saw me making it as far as three steps before getting shot with a machine gun while stuck in a bear trap. Ouch.


Some people are reporting that the deaths in the game often seem to be randomised, with taking the same path more than once often yielding different results. If you do manage to make it to the end of the adventure however, tweet out your result and you will be retweeted by the official Capcom Dev 1 Twitter account, though only a handful of people have made it so far.

Perhaps the unfair deaths are a throwback to old Sierra adventure games, which would famously murder the player for a variety of arbitrary reasons. Eating a sandwich, crossing a road or even just moving a few pixels in the wrong direction are just some of the many things that might lead to an abrupt and often absurdly gory death. In Escape for Halloween, this is replaced by random zombie attacks, unseen bear traps and Cerberus dogs.

If you want to have a crack at Escape for Halloween yourself, head over to the Capcom website; I hope you have better luck with it than I did!