Side-Scrolling Adventure Ghost Parade is Coming Soon

Numskull Games announces that Ghost Parade, the spooky side-scrolling adventure game, will be coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch this November.

Ghost Parade follows the story of Suri, a young girl who gets lost in a spooky and mysterious forest while walking home from school. As she searches for a way out, Suri uncovers a community of supernatural beings inhabiting the woods, who are all under threat from the short-sighted humans destroying the trees for profit.

A side-scrolling action-adventure, Ghost Parade is brought to us by the Indonesia-based developer Lentera Nusantara Studio, and features various creatures from Indonesian mythology and folklore. Explore the woods with 30 available ghost companions, and interact with up to 70 friendly spirits as you fight to save their home.

Ghost Parade will be available both physically and digitally for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this November. Check out the new announcement trailer below to see the impressive art direction and gameplay, or for more information about the game you can head to the Numskull Games website.