Song of Horror Heads for Halloween Release Date

The Presence is coming for you – terrifying horror mystery game Song of Horror will be creeping onto PC this Halloween.

Song of Horror is a psychological horror mystery surrounding the mysterious disappearance of a famous writer and his family. Brought to us by Protocol Games, Song of Horror makes itself stand out with its intriguing use of permadeath, and the adaptive AI it uses for the games paranormal antagonist.

Taking the role of one of 13 different characters, you must piece together the mystery, uncovering the final events of writer Sebastian P. Husher’s life while being hunted by a truly evil supernatural entity known as The Presence.


Each time the player dies, that character is gone for good, but a new character with unique knowledge and perks steps in to pick up where the previous one left off (and hopefully have a bit more luck).

The Presence is stalking you at every turn, learning and adapting with each choice that you make. Song of Horror promises a unique playthrough for every player, with tension building naturally as opposed to using scripted sequences. The world is permanently affected by your choices, even upon death, with each new character you play facing the consequences of your previous efforts.

Song of Horror will be available on PC from October 31st, Halloween. Add it to your Steam wishlist, or you can check out the new trailer below for a better look at the game (just maybe not if you’re alone in a dark room). You can also find more details on the Raiser Games website.