Sony Confirms the PlayStation 5 is Coming ‘Holiday 2020’

We all knew the next PlayStation was definitely going to be the PS5, but today, Sony has officially confirmed it, along with a release window for its next-gen console.

Come on, what else were they going to call it? Sony’s numbering system started way back in 2000 when its second generation PlayStation was called the ‘PlayStation 2’. You can’t suddenly dip out of a naming system like that. It’s solid. We all know where we stand.

And so it has been confirmed: the PS5 is a real thing on the horizon, coming to our homes and our hearts in ‘Holiday 2020’. It’s a vague window, but in retail terms, ‘Holiday’ generally means anywhere from mid-October onwards, when the world goes full Christmas frenzy mode.


Along with a release window, Sony has teased us with a few tidbits of information about its new console. On its own PlayStation blog, Sony talks about the new controller (DualShock 5 branding not confirmed, unfortunately), which will include ‘haptic feedback’ to replace rumble technology. It’ll also have ‘adaptive triggers’, which means the trigger buttons will offer some resistance, allowing you to press the buttons with differing strengths. It’s nothing new – premium controllers have been offering this for a while – but it’s a welcome step forward to see it included in standard controllers.

More information about PlayStation 5 was also revealed on Wired, who ran an exclusive ‘deeper look’ at the upcoming console today. The article speaks of the capabilities of the PS5’s SSD hard drive and how the console will store and find data in a different, more efficient way than before. Physical games will come on a 100GB disc, but the article explains that users will be able to pick and choose the parts of a game they’d like to install to their hard drive; for instance, if they’re only going to play the multiplayer element of a game, they can leave out the single player, or vice versa. All this goes to say that users should be able to get more out of their internal hard drive than they can on current generation.

Wired’s article also provides a little more information on the PlayStation 5’s new controller, with the author reporting on their hands-on experience. There’s an improved speaker within the controller, and combined with the new haptics in the controller, they report “some astonishing effects”. You can read the full article over on Wired.

While we’re still at least a year away from seeing a next-generation PS5 on the shelves, it’s safe to say it feels more real now than ever. The new details revealed today are somewhat scarce, but with the information we already know, it’s coming together to paint a very clear picture of what we can expect from the PlayStation 5. Needless to say, we’re excited.