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Take on a Corrupt Video Game Industry in SuperEpic

In satirical metroidvania SuperEpic, only a raccoon and a llama can save the world from an evil game studio, which is controlling the public through addictive and exploititive microtransactions.

Numskull Games and indie developer Undercoders bring us SuperEpic, a satirical metroidvania-style action adventure for those of us with a cynical view of the modern day game industry.

You might be thinking that in an industry in which some insiders freely admit to exploiting customers who have issues with addiction for profit is beyond parody at this point. SuperEpic is giving it a go though, and its main target is the blight of microtransactions that has been overwhelming the landscape of video games for a few years now.

Fight your way through a castle-like office run by greedy business-pigs, with fast-paced action and plenty of secrets to find through exploration. Find hidden QR codes in the levels which unlock minigames on your phone when scanned, which can unlock secrets in the main game.

Play the classic story mode for an original narrative full of humour and colourful characters, or face the procedurally-generated roguelike mode for a more varied and challenging experience.

SuperEpic is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this December. You can find more information about the game on the Numskull Games website.

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