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The 20 Best Characters in The Witcher 3

Our favourite characters in The Witcher 3

The first ever series of short stories revolving around Geralt of Rivia released back in 1993. Since then Sapkowski’s stories have gained huge popularity through a series of novels, comics, games, and even an upcoming Netflix adaptation.

Geralt, and the other inhabitants of The Continent, have been mainstays in society for over two decades now, and that doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. The Netflix adaptation will be focused on Sapkowski’s novels, so there will be some differences between The Witcher games and show, but nevertheless The Witcher 3 features some iconic characters who are highly memorable.

The Witcher 3 includes one of the greatest settings ever, some fantastic combat and RPG mechanics, and some incredible stories. But none of these would work without the brilliant cast of characters included by CD Project Red.

We’ve completed one of the toughest side-quests possible: to rank the 20 best characters in the Witcher 3. Sadly, they’re all pretty busy either helping Geralt out, or just playing Gwent. So, in this countdown we’re going to take a portal to each of the 20 best characters from The Witcher 3. I hope you like portals more than Geralt does: we’ve included a Geralt quote for each character just to show how much he hates them!


This portal takes us to The Grayrocks near Oxenfurt. “Not gonna happen. I’ll travel on horseback.”

Trollololo is a Troll that loves to sing. What’s not to love? He’s an incredibly strong Troll who actually wiped out a number of soldiers by accident. But, funnily enough, even though Trollololo felt bad about his actions, he did of course cook the bodies and then eat them.

The player has the choice to either spare Trollololo or kill him. It’s a pretty hard decision because even though he did just kill and eat lots of good men, Trollololo is just such an awesome character. He’s slow witted but very funny – and great if you love a song or two. A very unique character, and one of the finest trolls ever.

Rosa var Attre

This portal takes us to Novigrad, just east of Passiflora. “I hate portals.”

Rosa var Attre is the daughter of the high ranking Henry var Attre, and a huge fencing enthusiast. Geralt first encounters her when he’s searching for Dandelion, who was actually hired as a tutor for Rosa and her sister. However, Rosa’s sister faked a love letter to Dandelion from Rosa, which ended in a pretty awkward scene – especially for the Bard.

The comedy between Rosa and Dandelion helps make Rosa stand out in The Witcher 3. What’s most impressive, though, is her passion for swordplay, even if it is frowned upon for a woman (especially a high ranking one) to want to learn about it. Her quests with Geralt are very memorable, and this easily makes Rosa a standout Witcher 3 character for many fans.


This portal takes us to Skellige, in the Crow’s Perch. “Damned portals.”

Yoana is the assistant armourer of Fergus Graem. She’s a masterful armourer who can make weapons and armour to a much higher level than Fergus. In an awkward moment for Fergus, this is discovered by Geralt when a test is put in place, which he loses in a slightly embarrassing manner.

Not only does Yoana stand out for being a woman who can make great weapons and armour, but she’s also a human in a dwarves’ business. Throughout the game she can make many great items for Geralt, and her journey to being recognised is a powerful and fascinating tale. Yoana is one of the most memorable merchants in The Witcher 3.

Emhyr var Emries

This portal takes us to the Royal Palace in Vizima. Oh, and you better change out of those clothes into something more distinguished, maybe a shave too. “And everyone still wonders why I hate to be teleported.”

Emhyr is one of the most important characters in The Witcher 3. Emperor of the Nilfgaardian Empire, he’s a highly driven character who can be incredibly ruthless. He’s also a key component in the search for Ciri.

Despite the fact that his views contradict Geralt’s, Emhyr var Emries becomes very important to Geralt, whether he likes it or not. Geralt doesn’t often visit the Royal Palace, but when he does it’s a key moment in the story. Emhyr is a deep character, and a vital one in The Witcher 3.


This portal takes us to Kaer Morhen. “Not about to use the teleport, though.”

One of the younger witchers, Lambert is foul-mouthed, loves a drink, but is also highly talented. Lambert only appears occasionally in The Witcher 3, but each time is memorable due to his personality. Interestingly, Lambert is a witcher who adamantly dislikes his trade, and is not quiet about this.

He’s also pretty jealous of Geralt and his fame. Not to mention the fact that Geralt gets to mix with royalty. Due to this, and his pretty difficult childhood, Lambert drinks. A lot. But he’s very dedicated to the cause of finding Ciri, and provides some of the best interactions for Geralt. He may be a difficult man, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to add Lambert to this list. Geralt also makes up a beautiful limerick about Lambert.


This portal takes us to… who knows where? “Portals. Great.”

Avallac’h is an Elf who is very enigmatic, and pretty untrustworthy. Avallac’h shares Ciri’s ability to be able to travel through different worlds, and at one point even helps Ciri with this ability. However, Geralt and the others view Avallac’h as being a liar out for his own gain.

What makes Avallac’h really stand out is just how curious of a character he is. He seems to be full of wisdom, and confident in the actions that need to take place. Despite all this, Ciri trusts the Elf, claiming that he had saved her life on many occasions. This mysterious character clearly has his own goals in mind, but plays a pivotal role in the plot of The Witcher 3.


This portal takes us to Novigrad and The Kingfisher Inn. “Hate portals. Make my stomach turn.”

Priscilla is the world famous singer and poet who tours around the many inns and pubs located in Novigrad. She is also known as her stage name ‘Callonetta’, and is most loved for her romantic tales. She is also one of the only women in The Witcher 3 who Dandelion would actually want to settle down with.

Priscilla is also key in ‘The Play’s the Thing’ quest where Geralt becomes a ‘famous’ actor. Her inclusion in this quest is vital, and she’s highly memorable for always believing in Geralt, even though acting really isn’t for him. Sadly, after her attack she is never seen again in the game, but Dandelion assures Geralt that she is recovering well, even if her voice is a little altered now. Arguably the best poet in all of The Continent, Priscilla is a highly memorable character.

Cerys an Craite

This portal takes us to Skellige, in the castle of Kaer Trolde. “Always claimed portals were dangerous.”

Cerys an Craite is the daughter of Crach an Craite, the Jarl of Skellige. Although her part in The Witcher 3 is brief, it can be a highly important one. A new ruler of Skellige is needed, and many believe that Hjalmar is the best choice. However, when Cerys says she wants to be the ruler, it’s met with surprise, and some mocking laughs.

Again, many see that a ruler must be a man, and that Cerys is not suitable for the role. If the player chooses to help Cerys, she does eventually become the ruler, and Skellige actually becomes a much more peaceful and prosperous place. Cerys is a standout character in The Witcher 3 because she defies the odds, and in the process allows the player to make a huge impact on the game.

Sigismund Dijkstra

This portal takes us to the Gildorf district in Novigrad. “Argh, no, not another portal.”

Dijkstra is a man of contradictions. He’s the head of the Redanian Intelligence and a great spy, but he’s around 7 feet tall and loves flamboyant clothes. He’s also an exceptionally intelligent character, having studied at Oxenfurt University.

He’s the owner of a grand bathhouse in Novigrad, but is also tied with the criminal gangs in the underworld. In fact, he is known as one of the Big Four criminals in the city. He’s a key person in the death of King Radovid V, and a very cunning man. At first Dijkstra and Geralt have an uneasy bond, but they grow to understand each other, and Dijkstra stands out for both his appearance and personality.

Phillip Strenger

This portal takes us to Skellige, in the Crow’s Perch. “Next time we go on horseback.”

Phillip Strenger, also known as the ‘Bloody Baron’, is the Baron of Crow’s Perch and one of the most memorable early characters in The Witcher 3. The Bloody Baron is a brash and selfish character who believes in his own power more than anyone else does. But despite this, he’s also involved in of the most powerful stories.

Geralt is takes with finding the Baron’s wife and child, but it turns out that the Baron had not been truthful and that he had been very abusive towards his wife, Anna. The child also became a botchling, which the Baron carelessly buried without advice. This leads to a complex moral decision for Geralt, and Phillip’s deeper emotions being presented. The Bloody Baron is one of the first important characters introduced in the game, and is certainly a memorable one, even at the end.


This portal takes us to Crookback Bog. “Don’t like portals anyway.”

Johnny is a very friendly Godling who first appears in the Crookback Swamp. He’s always willing to help others, and helped Gran with finding Yagna, and curing Genny’s fever. Despite this, Gran doesn’t allow the children to speak about Johnny – even though she did actually like Johnny herself, but only in secret.

A Godling then also appears in Novigrad, in a house that seems to be haunted. When Geralt investigates, he ends up finding Sarah there, who he can either let live there or throw out. Even though the latter sounds like the harsher option, Sarah then befriends Johnny, and the two share a strong bond. Johnny is instantly likeable and is always willing to help out – a brilliant character.


This portal takes us to Kaer Morhen. “And I despise teleports, but have it your way.”

Vesemir is one of the most respected and skilled witchers at Kaer Morhen. Due to his age he becomes a father figure to Geralt, and plays a big role in training Ciri. Vesemir is also present from the very opening of the game where Geralt is trying to find Yennefer, and he even helps Geralt take down a griffin.

Vesemir is a kind-hearted and noble man, always willing to help Geralt when needed. This was most notable when the Wild Hunt invaded Kaer Morhen and attacked those inside. Vesemir battled bravely, but eventually fell, and this led to one of the most emotional scenes in the whole of The Witcher 3. Vesemir stands out for so many reasons, and is a character who will always be remembered.

Zoltan Chivay

This portal takes us to Novigrad, and to Dandelion’s Tavern. “Rather not risk it.”

Zoltan is one of Geralt’s good friends, and they met long before the events of The Witcher 3. But he first appears in the game when Geralt it looking for Dandelion. He finds Zoltan in the Tavern throwing out vagrants and not taking any nonsense. Despite his size, Zoltan is a highly brave Dwarf.

He’s also someone who loves a game of Gwent (who doesn’t?) and collects some of the most valuable cards. Zoltan is full of wit, always ready to have a joke with Geralt, and is also highly loyal. Zoltan really stands out as one of Geralt’s best friends in the game, and someone who makes a lasting impression on all he meets.

Keira Metz

This portal takes us to Keira Metz’s Hut. “And I know why I landed in that Drowner Nest.”

During The Witcher 3, Keira is in hiding from the witch hunters, and has her own hut that is only accessible through a portal. Throughout each of her appearances in The Witcher 3 she is incredibly flirtatious with Geralt, and often shows her self nude to the witcher.

But not only is Keira famous for the sex scene with Geralt, but the fact that she is a very skilled Mage and is always willing to help Geralt. She also has many great items up for sale, all of which can come in handy. Keira may just be another in a long (long) line of romantic interests for Geralt, but her great personality makes her stand out.

The Crones

This portal takes us to Crookback Bog. “You said you were going to go on three?”

The Crones, also known as the ‘Ladies of the Wood’, inhabit a hut within the the swamps of Velen. All in the swamps live in fear of The Crones, even though they hide their true identity. At first they are portrayed as three good-looking women, before finally revealing their true horrifying identity.

They communicate through Gran, the character who looks after the children in the swamp, and through a strange tapestry. The Crones play an important role in the Bloody Baron’s story, and in the search for Ciri. The battle with the Crones is a fierce one, and they truly stand out as one of the most fierce, yet well-rounded, enemies in the whole of The Witcher 3.

Triss Merigold

This portal takes us to Novigrad. “Damned portals.”

Triss is a key character in Sapkowski’s novels, and is presented once more in The Witcher 3. Even though her first introduction is a quest where Geralt helps her get rid of rats, Triss is a key character in the story. She is a sorceress who is affiliated with the Lodge of Sorceresses, and is another one of Geralt’s potential love interests.

Triss is also a loyal companion to Geralt and is willing to do whatever it takes to help him find and protect Ciri. Throughout the game, Triss is presented as being very likeable, skilled with magic, and a great help to Geralt. Even though she butts heads with Yennefer at times, Triss is one of the most important characters in the game.


This portal takes us to Kaer Morhen, and Yennefer’s room. “Whoa… she really isn’t in the mood.”

Yennefer is one of the starring characters in the entire Witcher franchise. She has an on-and-off passionate relationship with Geralt, and is incredibly strong willed. She is also a mother figure to Ciri, who she does everything possible to find and protect.

Yennefer is very fierce and fiery. She’s also quite stubborn, and is known to like unicorns. She’s one of Geralt’s most powerful allies, and one who truly stands out. She has a deep affection for Geralt, which becomes very clear in the beautiful ‘Last Wish’ quest. Yennefer is easily one of the most memorable characters in The Witcher 3, and the franchise as a whole.


This portal takes us to Novigrad, and to Dandelion’s Tavern. “Don’t like portals anyway.”

The famous Bard, and best friend to Geralt, Dandelion the travelling poet uses his fancy language to try and woo those around him. This, of course, gets Dandelion involved in many scrapes, all of which show off his fun and charismatic personality.

Dandelion is quite the coward, and is pretty scared of any monster he encounters. But in The Witcher 3 his courage is shown off when he stands by Geralt’s side. He may not be a great warrior, but he’s a brilliant writer and singer, and someone who is universally adored. Dandelion is one of the most likeable characters in the franchise, and this can be best seen in The Witcher 3.

Geralt of Rivia

This portal takes us to Kaer Morhen. “I hate portals.”

Many great protagonists are either silent or devoid of personality. Typically a truly immersive world needs a faceless character to allow the player to imagine their own vision. But not The Witcher 3. Geralt is one of the most defined characters in all of gaming, and is a true standout protagonist.

Geralt is not the typical hero. Sure, he has a noble code to follow, but he’s also blunt and quite dismissive. Despite this, Geralt is instantly likeable. From the very opening of the game where the bond with Ciri is shown, it’s clear that Geralt is so much more than just a monster fighter. He’s a difficult man, someone who is often looked down upon, but he’s also a great character, one who truly makes The Witcher 3 what it is.


This portal takes us to… literally anywhere: she’s the Lady of Time and Space. “Damned portals.”

Ciri is the most important character in The Witcher 3. After all, the game’s main plot is built around finding Ciri, and then protecting her from the fierce Wild Hunt and other dangers. It wouldn’t work unless Ciri was a likeable and endearing character, which CD Project Red makes sure to achieve. From the very opening we see a flashback to her as a child learning how to fight, and her carefree but dedicated actions show she’s a great character from the very start.

Importantly, Ciri is not a mere damsel in distress; she’s a great warrior who can fight off any number of enemies. This is never more clear that when the player gets to control an incredibly overpowered Ciri. But, most of all, her strong bond with Geralt is what shines through. There is no better character to build the whole of The Witcher 3 around than Ciri: the Lady of Time and Space.

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