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21Our favourite characters in The Witcher 3

The first ever series of short stories revolving around Geralt of Rivia released back in 1993. Since then Sapkowski’s stories have gained huge popularity through a series of novels, comics, games, and even an upcoming Netflix adaptation.

Geralt, and the other inhabitants of The Continent, have been mainstays in society for over two decades now, and that doesn’t look like it’ll change anytime soon. The Netflix adaptation will be focused on Sapkowski’s novels, so there will be some differences between The Witcher games and show, but nevertheless The Witcher 3 features some iconic characters who are highly memorable.

The Witcher 3 includes one of the greatest settings ever, some fantastic combat and RPG mechanics, and some incredible stories. But none of these would work without the brilliant cast of characters included by CD Project Red.

We’ve completed one of the toughest side-quests possible: to rank the 20 best characters in the Witcher 3. Sadly, they’re all pretty busy either helping Geralt out, or just playing Gwent. So, in this countdown we’re going to take a portal to each of the 20 best characters from The Witcher 3. I hope you like portals more than Geralt does: we’ve included a Geralt quote for each character just to show how much he hates them!

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