1Add these indie games to your PS4 library

The term “indie” is a hard one to define these days.

It can mean a game that’s not AAA, but still something made by a fairly large team of people. It can also mean a videogame that’s been developed by one person in their spare time. As such, the range of games that fall under the umbrella of “indie” is massive, and to define a game simply as being “indie” doesn’t really tell you much about it.

But some of the best games of our generation have been made by indie teams, whether it’s made up of one person or a few dozen. Away from the strains and restrictions of major studios and publishers, indie developers are often the ones to create the most innovative, genre-pushing games. Simply put, some of our favourite games of all time fall under the banner of “indie”.

Without getting too bogged down into the exact definition of an independent studio, click on through to see some of the best indie games on PS4.