2Man of Medan

Kim said: “However you decide to play Man of Medan, you’re in for a great time. The pitch black, claustrophobic corridors of an abandoned warship make for an incredibly tense atmosphere, and while it may not be quite as appealing to explore as Until Dawn‘s snowy setting, there’s no denying that it’s just as spooky. Even after you’ve played through Man of Medan two or even three times, you still don’t quite know what’s going to be waiting for you behind every corner. A few dud quick time events let the game down ever so slightly, but accessibility options to make some of them easier are extremely welcome.

The horror genre is a tough nut to crack, but Man of Medan proves, once again, that Supermassive Games is truly the master of video game horror. I’m more excited than ever to see what the rest of the Dark Pictures Anthology will hold.”

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