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The Outer Worlds: Can You See Your Character in Third-Person View?

The Outer Worlds 3 (1)

The Outer Worlds gives you all manner of cool weapons and costumes to use. But can you see just how awesome you look, by using a third person view? Read on.

The Outer Worlds is Obsidian’s latest role-playing game, a sci-fi tale that sees you fighting or working for a sprawling space-based corporation. Reviewing the game, Rich said the game had an “enjoyable playfulness about it” but that the open areas were less interesting than those found in Fallout.

The costumes, however, are on par with Fallout: New Vegas, another Obsidian title. This is a game where you can go around wearing a gigantic moon-man mask or dress up in a steampunk style. So it’s only natural that you can use The Outer Worlds‘ third-person view to check out how cool you look, right?

Unfortunately, not. Unlike Fallout: New VegasThe Outer Worlds does not have a third-person view. you can’t run around, viewing the action from behind your character. You can only play in first person. So, if you want to see how your character looks, you have two options.

1. Pause the game. When you’re picking through the inventory menu and so forth, you’ll be able to see how your character looks.

2. Making sure there are no monsters around, just put the controller down and leave your character alone. Eventually, the game will switch to a rotating third person view; you have no control over this and it’ll switch back to first person when you pick up the controller, but it will let you see how you look.

Neither of these options are perfect, but it’s the best you’ll get until, on the PC, someone mods in a third person view to The Outer Worlds.

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