Unsouled is a Hard and Heavy RPG Arriving Next Spring

PQube and developer Jinsub Jung have unveiled his one-man project Unsouled, an atmspheric and challenging action-RPG coming to PC in Spring next year.

Unsouled is an upcoming action-RPG from solo developer Jinsub Jung. Set in a destructible and hauntingly beautiful pixel-art world, Unsouled tells a melancholic story of a mysterious power used for a deadly purpose.

The game boasts challenging yet rewarding combat, where perfect timing can reward you with chained flurries of devastating counter-attacks, and just a few mistakes can send you back to the last statue you rested at.

All we know so far of Unsouled‘s story is that it involves a man and a woman, each with the ability to absorb the souls of the dead, with one using their power for good and the other for evil. The game seems to take quite a lot of influence from Dark Souls, in terms of its atmosphere, challenging gameplay and the resting at checkpoints.

Unsouled is part of PQube’s lineup at EGX London 2019, and is planned for release in spring next year. Check out the new announcement trailer below, and you can stay tuned for more updates on the game on the PQube website.