Where to Find Chickens in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

Wondering where to find chickens in Mighty Quest For Epic Loot? Here’s everything you need to know.

Occasionally in Mighty Quest, you’ll need to head towards a specific boss or enemy in order to complete a challenge. It isn’t always clear where that enemy is going to be.

Chickens, if you couldn’t already guess, are the easiest enemies you’ll come up against. They’ll generally cluck to their deaths with just one swing of your sword – unless you’re playing on Nightmare mode, of course.

As such, chickens are the first enemy types you’ll come up against in Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. So if you need to kill them in order to complete a challenge, the best place to head is the very first level of the game – Act 1, Level 1.

There are 25 chickens in that level, so if you run through and ensure you kill all the enemies, you’ll be able to tick off 25 kills. If you use auto-win, you’ll likely get a few less. And bear in mind that auto-winning a level doesn’t always count towards certain challenges.