Aerial RPG The Falconeer Lands on Xbox and PC in 2020

Wired Productions confirms that The Falconeer, a fantasy aerial combat RPG from Tomas Sala, will be soaring onto Xbox One and PC when it launches next year.

The Falconeer is set in The Great Ursee, a beautiful oceanic open-world (or “ocean-world”) which has been swallowed by water. As a falconeer, ride majestic flying mounts and engage in instense aerial combat reminiscent of classic dogfighting mechanics but with acrobatic twists and turns.

Experience ultimate freedom, as you find your own path in the expansive world of warring factions and ancient buried secrets. With plenty to explore and endless bleak, hauntingly gorgeous landscapes to take in, The Falconeer has a depth that will have players truly immersed.


The Falconeer will be showing off a demo at the upcoming X019 in London on November 14-16, so those lucky enough to attend will be able to get the first up-close look at the game.

The Falconeer is coming in 2020. Check out the new trailer below, which was created using in-game footage, or head over to the official website for more information.