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Be a Purveyor of Human Augmentation in Cyborg Mechanic

Cyborg Mechanic lets you attach bionic implants to repair and improve the bodies of your customers, working as a seedy underground cyber-surgeon.

Ever wondered what a crossover between Surgeon Simulator and Car Mechanic Simulator might look like? Well wonder no longer, because Cyborg Mechanic might just be the answer.

Set for release in 2021, Cyborg Mechanic puts you in the role of an unlicensed surgeon/engineer (surgeoneer?), providing black-market body augmentations to members of the cyberpunk underworld.

Hack off limbs, attach cybernetic upgrades, make repairs – or anything else they want. From simple mechanical arms to laser eyes and deadly wolverine claws, anything is possible for those willing to pay.

The more you earn, you will be able to purchase ever more advanced equipment which will let you perform more complex procedures. Being successful will earn you a lot of fame and wealth (bionic implants do cost an arm and a leg after all), but the higher your profile, the greater the threat of cyber-police cracking down on your illegal practices.

Cyborg Mechanic is still a long way off, with release planned for 2021. You can head over to the Steam Store page to add it to your wishlist, or to find out more information on the game; and don’t forget to check out the trailer below.

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