Blair Witch Launches on PS4 This December

Blair Witch

Already available on Xbox One and PC, PS4 fans will soon be able to scare themselves silly with Blair Witch.

A first-person psychological horror, we were terrified when we made our way through Blair Witch on both Xbox One and PC earlier this year. PS4 players were left out, however. But not any more. Bloober Team and Lionsgate have today announced that Blair Witch will launch on PS4 on 3rd December. And not only that, it’ll be an enhanced version too.

Along with gameplay and technical enhancements, the PS4 version of Blair Witch will include the “Good Boy Pack”, which will allow players to customise their trusty canine companion Bullet. Though don’t worry Xbox One and PC players, the enhancements and “Good Boy Pack” will also be available on those formats.


For those who like games they can hold in their hands, physical versions of Blair Witch will be available sometime after the digital launch of the game on PS4. A snazzy new trailer for the game has also been released, which features a choice quote from us. And trust us, it really is one of the scariest games ever made.