Can You Go to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Mexico was a big part of the first Red Dead Redemption. But can you visit it in Red Dead Redemption 2?

Red Dead Redemption may have skipped the platform but PC-owning cowboy fans can now play Red Dead Redemption 2. It requires a hefty chunk of hard disk space and a fairly powerful PC to play but, much to our joy, there are already mods available for the game. There’s one that lets you play as all manner of animals, though we’re still waiting for an add-on that replaces every enemy with Macho Man Randy Savage.

Half of the first Red Dead Redemption took place in Mexico, with protagonist John Marston heading there in pursuit of a former fellow gang member.


So does Red Dead Redemption 2 follow suit and send you there to execute one of Dutch van der Linde’s ridiculous schemes? Or does the gang flee there to elude the Pinkertons?

The answer is neither. You don’t go to Mexico in Red Dead Redemption 2 – though you do spend some time on the tropical island of Guarma. However, there is part of a Mexico map in Red Dead Redemption 2 which, on the Xbox and PS4, used to be accessible via a glitch.

But glitching aside, in Red Dead Redemption 2, Mexico is out of your reach.