Can You Play Death Stranding Offline, or is it Always Online?

Can you play Death Stranding offline, or do you always have to be connected to the internet? We’ve got the answer.

Death Stranding is a thoroughly mind-bending game. Spawned from the brain-pan of Hideo Kojima, this open-world adventure has you reconnecting America by acting as a pan-continental delivery man. It’s mildly disappointing that you can’t just hoof your deliveries over a fence, then shove a tattered card through the letterbox, but Death Stranding is still a lot of fun.

But, since Death Stranding features an online component, is it possible to play the game offline?


The answer is, fortunately, yes – you don’t need to be connected to the internet. If you play the game offline, you’ll miss out on the ability to like others players short-cuts, which can potentially make the game a little easier for you, but you can happily turn your router off and you can keep playing.

We’re glad offline isn’t a requirement as, while the online aspects of Death Stranding are cool, we’ve played a few games that just kick you out the moment your internet connection goes down. And given that a lot of places still don’t have 100% reliable internet connections, that could cause problems for a lot of Death Stranding players.