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Square’s Just Released Some Beautiful New Final Fantasy VII Remake Artwork

Square Enix has released a tonne of new screenshots, character art and various other assets for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and they look gorgeous.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to arrive on PS4 on March 3rd next year, and getting to see the blocky characters from the beloved 1997 original reimigined in glorious modern graphics has been blowing fans away. So get ready to be blown away again, because these new assets look absolutely amazing.

Below are some key visuals of Barrett and Aerith, two of the playable characters.

We also get some new images of The Turks, Reno and Rude, who work for the Shinra Company’s investigation unit.

We also get to see the new designs for Beggs, Jessie and Wedge, the anti-Shinra resistance fighters working with Avalanche.

You can also check out what some of Cloud’s attacks look like in the new game, as well as the cute animal companions Chocobo and Moogle, plus an environmental shot showing the church in the Sector 5 slums.

Seeing this game that was important to so many people’s childhoods re-imagined so beautifully is very exciting, and we can’t wait for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to finally arrive on March 3rd 2020.

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